Friday, July 18, 2008

Ducks Looking for "Power Players" and possible replacement for Teemu Selanne

There are few things that make hockey players and hockey fans blood run to the "lower extremities" like the addition of cheerleaders to hockey. It was probably the most inventive idea for the game since the goalie mask or the mullet.

Now putting my own hormone induced lust aside, what is the purpose? Minor ice maintenance..really? Now the promotional side of things is genius, but do we really need them on the ice? Oh well, they have their place in the game now.

The Ducks also proceeded with tryouts for the new Teemu Selanne. Hell, the Ducks would take for a Brett Favre type phone call from him. Brett made up his mind twice, Teemu hasn't even done it once.

On the latest Ducks Blog on the O.C. Register website there has been quite a debate over the true talent of J.S. Giguere, the possible trade options for the Ducks, and whether Ducks fans even want back Teemu.

The minority is that Teemu should either make up his mind, or stay away. I am of that minority, although I greatly defend Teemu and like the fact that at his age he is a point a game player, but the whole ignoring the team thing leads to be expecting a Brian Burke replacement.

Who this replacement could be is a damn good question. If he can find a trade for Schneider and Marchant (the other expected member on the trading block) possibly Burke can bring in someone capable of filling the void and be cheap.

I hate to be rude, and say i told you so but I told you so, but Burkie, I did. I knew from the get go you should have traded Schneider and held on to Andy McDonald, and still to this day your looking to recover his skill (in acquiring Morrison) and his $3.3 million is manageable on the team now.

Maybe we can train a Power Player girl to fill Teemu's void...If we wait much longer to replace him that might be our only choice.

As my father would say to Teemu: "Shit, or get off the pot"


MJ Kasprzak said...

Questioning Giguere's talent? I think all that smog and plastic surgery in the OC is keeping the blood from reaching the brain.

As someone who has lived through this FAVRE mess--and he has both waited forever to make his decision and made it too quickly then changed his mind--it's not worth it. And Selanne's good, but he's no Favre.

By the way, what makes you think cheerleaders EVER hav a purpose? The ice rink repair girls are at least marginally more than ornaments--just another way hockey is best!

Mike in OC said...

yeah no kidding. Next time they question his talent, they should go watch a video from the old "Guy Herbert" days. That should answer any questions!

I'm past the point where I say screw Favre.

I'm just about to the point where I say screw Teemu.

Ken said...

The Jiggy stuff is all on the OC Register blog thingy about who the Ducks should trade, check it out and comment.