Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Finnish Flash to Phoenix?

The likelihood of this happening is slim to none. I am not going to make it sound like this is actually going to happen considering it probably won't. But a rumor was whispered that the Coyotes may be in the hunt for the services of former Winnipeg Jet Teemu Selanne. 
Yes, the man who set the franchise for goals and points in a season and the record for most points and goals by a rookie in NHL history with 76 goals and 132 points. Selanne has scored 40 or more goals in a season 7 different times and has broken the century mark in points on 4 separate occasions. 
So why would Phoenix want him? Don Maloney has a self imposed age cap on the team of somewhere in the low 30s which Selanne is not because he is 38. If signed, he would be the oldest player on the team.
But an even bigger question would be why would Selanne want Phoenix? Teemu has won his Stanley Cup so it isn't going to be for that reason. Does he want to be a mentor to a young team? That is definitely a possibility and Phoenix is definitely a good suitor for that. A 1 year contract for Teemu with Phoenix wouldn't hurt the Coyotes in their cap future considering they are barely at the floor. His signing might also put a few more butts in the seats which is never a bad thing. 
Not to mention, the Coyotes just acquired fellow Finn Olli Jokinen who could be some kind of lure to the team. 
So is this a realistic possibility? If you take in all the conditions I could certainly see it happen. I would be absolutely shocked if it did but thinking about it, the move for Selanne shouldn't be that big of a shock. It would be more of a shock because the Coyotes are spending past the self-imposed cap they have and Maloney broke his age cap. 
The fact that can't be ignored is that Teemu would certainly add leadership to one of the youngest teams in the league, going by the ages off the Coyotes roster on the website and adding in Mikkel Boedker, at 26 years old. Obviously Selanne would drive that up a tad but his value to the team could not be ignored off the ice and on the ice. Before this past shortened season, he had 2 consecutive 90+ point seasons and was almost at a point per game pace in the shortened campaign. 
So like I said, I am not expecting anything to happen with this. In fact I am willing to guess that this is never mentioned by anyone ever again but it is always interesting to look at how players will affect a team if they do indeed sign with the team. Selanne would certainly have a profound effect on the Coyotes and would bring his career full circle. 
Now if he could break those totals he set in his rookie year...

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Niekon said...

bwahahahahahaha!!!! Oh that rumor is a great one... but seriously, there have rumors of different teams trying to get him to come to their team and play. Will he? Only way of that happening is if Anaheim can't manage to squeeze him onto the roster... and even that's questionable whether he'd even play for another team.

But I do enjoy reading some of these rumors... ^_^

Mike in OC said...

Who knows, maybe there is another Chad Kilger and Oleg Tevordosky out there Phoenix has their eye on, and just need him for trade bait.