Monday, July 21, 2008

Is Teemu Selanne back?!

According to sources near the Ducks, Teemu Selanne is back!

Teemu Selanne, the veteran leader of the Anaheim Ducks according to information will NOT retire from hockey, after retiring and returning last season and contemplating the decision again this year.

No formal announcement has been made, and until that point this is all rumor but it is at least good news.


Niekon said...

While I enjoy watching Selanne play... he's got to knock this waiting crap off. Seriously... playing waiting games does your team more harm than good.

Now... let's see what team is going to take Schneider...

Mike in OC said...

Just look at The Great One, He told us when his final game would be before he played it. Played it, retired, and never looked back.

The final game was an awesome moment in NHL history too, because we all new when it was and planned for it.

That should be the example right there.

MJ Kasprzak said...

Teemu is beginning to sound like Clemens and Favre. Only he was never as great as they were.