Thursday, July 31, 2008

Teemu Selanne Finnish-ed in Anaheim?

With Selanne now a month late on letting Brian Burke know of his decision, Ducks fans must begin to wonder if the Finnish Flash is finnish-ed in Southern California. Possibly Teemu has been working out to get back into hockey shape and lost his cell phone, or is enjoying his free time in Finland while Brian Burke is busy fretting over Kevin Lowe, but probably not.

The Ducks and Burke have given Teemu the time needed for such a decision and have received nothing, not even a “screw you guys, I’m goin home…” Instead the most beloved hockey player in Anaheim hockey history is choosing much like Brett Favre to taint his legacy.

But there is one major difference, Brett at least made up his mind, and changed it. Teemu can’t seem to do either one. It’s gotten to the point he may not know if he I coming or going. Do I dare say senility may be setting in for the Ducks leader? It could be possible an onslaught of dementia has the 38 year old forgetting to pick up the phone to give a “shout-out” to Brian Burke.

If Teemu is going to return, it’s a month past the “deadline” imposed by Burke. Before people jump me for pointing out he is a free agent, move on, your nagging isn’t needed as I’m the definite source on Bleacher Report who knows that. My point I this “deadline” was less of a deadline and more about manners. The Cap issue lingers in Anaheim because Burke doesn’t know what to do, everything now rides on Teemu.

Furthermore, if Teemu chooses to hang up the skates, the Ducks would be left out to dry in sorts, as the only option would be to trade for a replacement. Luckily they do have the goods on the table to acquire someone worth it, but the loss of Selanne would hurt.

Personally, I love #8, he skates effortlessly, and scores goals at 38 I can’t score at 21. The man has plenty of miles left on the tires and he is still regarded as one of the top scorers in the NHL, regardless of his age. With all this considered, I would ask Brian Burke and the Ducks to move on, make the trades needed, acquire someone talented and get under the cap and prepare for training camp. The insanity of waiting for Teemu has drug on enough.

When school ended in spring, talk of Teemu was in full swing, as I prepare to return he is still the talk of Ducks hockey. Maybe the Ducks can save face, and make a trade for Andy McDonald, that would ease the pain of losing Teemu, for one of joy to have a real franchise player*, who lived for the Ducks back.

Lastly, Burke, put the nails in Teemu’s coffin. It is quite possible the Ducks could be terrible this year without him, but I would rather lose with players devoted to the team than a player who can’t make up his mind. Enough is enough, as is my bantering on this subject.

*Franchise player – someone selfish who sticks by team through thick and thin. Fans know this player would choose the team over selfish idea’s any day.

For definition of selfish please see Teemu Selanne.

Image: Courtesy of The Hockey News

Ken Armer is a Senior Ducks Writer and a Community Leader for the NHL and Anaheim Ducks. You can contact him on his profile or via e-mail at


The Big Geek said...

Ken, I hate to disagree with you, but everything I've heard is he IS coming back, he's jsut waiting to figure out how they move Matthieu Schneider to make cap space. Once that happens, I'm told to expect the flash to come back for one more.

Ken said...

I expect him back as well, but its clear its probably only one more year. I do agree he is an important part of the team, but possibly, the Ducks should consider a more long term solution. Ill be happy when Teemu is back, its only a matter of time...just growing inpatient.

Mike in OC said...

I would rather have him MIA, then have him say he is gone, then we draft/trade for replacments, then he changes his mind and announces he is returning. That's what Favre has done (more than once).

Besides, I bet Burke allready knows.

CheapSeats said...

Just to throw this out for you: The Ducks might have some salary issues even with a potential Schneider trade. If he comes off the books, the Ducks would be $2.39 million under the cap (but thats not counting whoevers salary they'd take on in trade).

Teemu's contract last year was basically a $4.75 million contract that was prorated over the last 2 and a half months of the season that he played. The year before that, I believe he made $3.75 million.... so just keep in mind, Teemu's going to have to decide he still wants to play AND he's going to have to take the hometown discount.

Just something to think about...

Ken said...

Thanks for the comments guys, you both make great points. I'm just ready for the puck to drop already. I feel like Teemu is sort of abusing his influence with this whole situation. I feel it may be better in the long run for the team to "move on" now.