Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Welcome to Battle of the Pacific

First and Foremost, Welcome!

Yes, we have a Duck's biased main logo but it is only temporary while we work on a logo for the site. During the initial stages we will also be recruiting bloggers and writers who know their teams best.

Inspiration for this project came from the Battle of California, a satirical look to the three team rivalry in the state.

We hope you enjoy the site. If you have any comments or questions e-mail them to karmer@bleacherreport.com. If you would like to submit to become a team blogger send an e-mail to the same address. Look for improvements between now and the season, and remember to keep your stick on the ice!


Niekon said...

welcome to our little corner of the NHL... what used to pass as an joke within the NHL, the Pacific has shown that we're not just a bunch of surfing idiots. ^_^

I look forward to reading your future posts...

Ken said...

Glad to have a fan even in our infancy Niekon. Hope you enjoy the stuff as we continue to build. Anything you'd like to see us do? We're up for ideas.