Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Anaheim Ducks Website Poll Results

Apparently, the unanimous top dog for the Pacific Division is the San Jose Sharks, and for good measure. A poll on the Ducks website asks, "Which team will be the Ducks' toughest competition in the Pacific Division next season?"

*The results are as of after I answered*

Dallas earned 25.71%
Los Angeles earned 14.29% (really?! who let these people vote!)
Phoenix earned 5.71%
San Jose earned 54.29%

I think the LA people votes should be moved to the Stars, or should just not be allowed to vote. Phoenix gets a major slap in the face, as I think at worst the % of Phoenix and the Kings should be flip-flopped. I'm sure MJ will enjoy this, as we've spent our free time in the current week trash talking about the Ducks / Sharks this season. Here's to a fun season in the Pacific boys and girls, it's gonna be a wild one.

Ken's Note: For those of you who like my Duck, i named him Charlie, hes random I know, but who can argue with a Duck like that? Some sources say it's the only image of Teemu Selanne this summer in Finland, but I dunno, maybe the Finnish air makes him look different.


MJ Kasprzak said...

We're taking it, and there's nothing y'all can do about it!

Big Dave said...

The beer gut, bald head, and cigarette make him a very fitting mascot for the Ducks. All you need to do is put a helmet visor in place of the shades and you're set. Pronger, Getzlaf, and Perry all in one.