Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Common Ground Among Rivals

In about a month there wont be much for us to agree on here at Battle of the Pacific. Most likely our conversations will involve crude and combative language and expression of how much the closest divisional rival sucks. A good example can be seen between myself and MJ. Lets face it, what makes hockey great is the a-hole fans who think their team is the best team on God's frozen pond.

The Pacific Division boasts some of the best rivalry's in hockey. Dallas - San Jose, Anaheim - Los Angeles and with Phoenix improving I'm sure bad blood will boil among teams with the Coyotes this year. One thing for the Pacific to remember is we are all bound by one common hatred. We hall hate Detroit.
If you don't then what kind of Pacific Division fan are you?( MJ has an excuse for living in the frozen pro hockey-less north of Wisconsin)

So as we turn our hatred towards our fellow Pacific Division teams, remember it would be better to see the Cup come to a Pacific rival than see it go to the Wings.

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MJ Kasprzak said...

I don't hate Detroit. But I'm wierd--my two favourite teams when I was in Wisconsin were Detroit and Colorado. I think Detroit has class, and I love my fellow Badger Chris Chelios, may he play 'til he's 80! But I do hate the Ducks and especially the Flames. Everyone outside of Calgary should hate the Flames.

Ken said...

I respect Detroit, i think i would like them a lot better if there fans were complete a-holes.

Big Dave said...

I respect their organization, but not some of the fans that show up at the Staples in droves.

Not a lot of Sharks or Yotes fans show up. I know 2 decent Ducks fans out of the 50 or so that make up their fanbase.

We finally did well against Dallas, the national anthem is pretty funny when their 500 fan contingent yells out STARS!! twice during the anthem immediately followed by 17,000+ yelling SUCK!!! right afterward

MJ Kasprzak said...

Yes, Wings fans are WAY too cocky, I'll give you that! On the other hand, I watched a Wild-Stars game at AA and was greeted with remarkable hospitality even though I rooted for the enemy. I was given a free parking pass by someone, helped to my primo seats, and related to in friendly ways.

Incidentally, I live in San Francisco--I grew UP in WI, but I have been out here for about five years.