Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Thug or Misguided Enforcer? Ken Armer ponders on Sean Avery

Being a long time Stars fan the kid in me muttered “leave it to Dallas” when the Stars announced earlier this summer they had signed Sean Avery. Much like the amazing Brett Hull signing of my youth, I didn’t truly believe it until I saw the jersey in the player’s hands. Well the day is here, and I can honestly say Sean Avery is a Dallas Stars.

The former Ranger enforcer signed a four-year $15.5 million dollar contract on July 2, and on Wednesday in Dallas, put on the Stars number 16 for the first time. Oddly enough he reminded me of a former number 16, the one know as “the little ball of hate”. As the similarities of the Stars of my early adult years, and my youth seem to be similar, it becomes oddly clear how similar Pat Verbeek and Sean Avery are. Both wear number 16, both came to Dallas from the Rangers, and both are enforcers only a mother could love. Sadly, the similarities end there, but possibly Avery will be as beloved as Verbeek in Big D.

Being out of the loop on Avery, and the Rangers I asked a Ranger fan about Avery, as I figured I should be prepared for his antics. “I loved him in New York and he is a guy you love to hate”, said Chris of Battle of the Pacific. “Any team would love to have him to make an impact like he did for the Rangers. He gets a bad rap but really I love what he does.”

Can it be that Avery isn’t a bad apple? That people just mistake him for a thug?

I was an agitator all my hockey career, my early years I even enforced as a wing with the top scorers on the team. How I did I don’t know, but much like Avery I pissed people off. Even to this day with my sister, I do it quite well.

Yes, Avery does go overboard, but he does his job well, can’t argue that. Plus who can call such a pretty boy a thug anyway? This guy brings so much Hollywood to Dallas I feel like Dallas is the new Beverly Hills. (Side note - the guy who designed Highland Park, a rich suburb in Dallas, designed Beverly Hills also.)

I’m hoping to get Stars tickets upon my after Christmas move back to Dallas, maybe I will get lucky and watch Avery beat up on my Ducks. I’m not real sure what I think of that right now. Is it hockey season yet?

Image and Video: Courtesy of Stars website


Ken said...

Please ignore the errors, when you post a video, it wont let you make any edits.

Mike said...

Can it be that Avery isn’t a bad apple? That people just mistake him for a thug?

If that's true, then whey was he essentially run out of two places? Avery brings the term "double-edged sword" to new heights. He's really a hell of a player, and plays a role every team needs. But the off-ice stuff can really jack a team's shit up.

Ken said...

What are his off ice antics like? Ive generally ignored him until now.

MJ Kasprzak said...

No, he's a bad apple. During the lockout, remember he said: "I think it was typical of most French guys in our league with a visor on, running around and playing tough and not back anything up." And while technically legal, what he did in front of Brodeur was so unsportsmanlike that no one had thought of needing to make it a rule, and they changed things overnight. That kind of action is rare, and shows how edgregious his transgression was.

Big Dave said...
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Big Dave said...

Avery didn't say it out of the blue. He said it after a pre-season in which Denis Gauthier knocked Roenick out of the game with a concussion. Avery was upset that Gauthier wouldn't take his medicine and that's when the comments came. It was a bit of a generalization, but at the heart of it he was protecting a new teammate.

Funny how Roenick and Avery are gone and Gauthier is now a King.