Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Top Five Trades in Phoenix Coyotes History

Here are top five best trades in Phoenix Coyotes history (These trades do not include any trades from the Winnipeg Jets era).

5. Phoenix trades Georges Laraque to Pittsburgh for Daniel Carcillo and a 2008 third round pick.
When this trade happened I didn’t have a clue who Daniel Carcillo was and now it is hard not to notice him. Carcillo made an immediate impact when he arrived on the desert.

He recorded seven points in 18 games with the Coyotes. In this same time he established himself as one of the toughest guys in the league.

In his first full season as a Coyote he led the league in penalty minutes in just 57 games played. He also added 24 points.

Carcillo has proven that he is not just a fighter but a goal scorer too. The Coyotes think he can be a 30+ goal scorer in this league and so do I.

Georges Laraque did add experience to a young Penguins lineup but nothing more than that. He would stay with Pittsburgh for one more season before signing with Montreal in 2008 as a free agent.

4. Phoenix trades Erik Westrum and Dustin Wood to Minnesota for Zbynek Michalek.
In Michalek the Coyotes got a great defender with a nice offensive upside. Michalek only had 22 games of NHL experience to his credit prior to the trade but the Coyotes saw something in him that no other team did.

For a guy who wasn’t even drafted he has already defied the odds. He has become one of the Coyotes top defenders and should be for years to come.

Westrum has since become a career minor leaguer who currently plays in Europe. Wood has yet to play a NHL game and it appears he likely never will.

3. Phoenix trades Sean Burke, Branko Radivojevic, and Ben Eager to Philadelphia for Mike Comrie.
Mike Comrie’s tenure in Phoenix may have been short but in the time that he was a Coyote he proved to be one of the top players on the team. In a 132 games in a Phoenix Coyotes uniform he managed a more than respectable 95 points.

In the 2005-06 season he was tied for the team lead in goals with thirty and second in points with sixty.

Comrie may have only been around in the years where the Coyotes were cellar dwellers but he was still able to make his mark as one of the few talented players on the roster.

Although it may have seemed at the time the Coyotes were giving up a lot to get him all they were really giving up was an aging goalie, and couple of fourth line players.

2. Phoenix trades Chris Gratton, Ossi Vaananen, and a second round pick to Colorado for Derek Morris and Keith Ballard.
This trade was so significant because the Coyotes got a couple of defenseman who turned out to be key players for there defensive corps for years to come.

Morris was a young veteran who was good on both the defensive and offensive side of the game. To this day he is still the same defenseman only now he is more of a veteran leader on a young Coyotes squad.

Ballard at the time of the trade was an up and coming prospect with no NHL experience but the Coyotes knew that he like Morris was talented on both sides of the game. Until he was recently traded to the Florida Panthers Ballard was a key component to the Coyotes defense.

When it comes to what Phoenixgave up it wasn’t really much. Gratton was a tough guy with a decent scoring touch while Vaananen was a decent defensive specialist at best.

With the second round pick the Avalanche selected Paul Stastny who is currently one of Colorado’s best players. Yes, Stastny is a great player but it’s not like if the Coyotes kept the pick they would have drafted him.

1. Phoenix trades Alexei Zhamnov, Craig Mills, and a 1998 first round pick to Chicago for Jeremy Roenick.
This to me is an obvious choice for the number one trade in Phoenix Coyote history. Roenick would go on to be one of the greatest players in team history. He was a key to the success of the Coyotes in their early seasons.

In 384 games with the team he recorded 354 points. He led the team in points on three different occasions. During his tenure Roenick was also one of the most popular players because of hard hitting style he played. Roenick definitely made his mark as one of best Coyotes ever.

The Coyotes did have to pay a price to get him by trading Zhamnov who at the time was one of the best players on the team.

Honorable Mentions
Phoenix trades Keith Ballard, Nick Boynton and a 2008 second round pick to Florida for Olli Jokinen.
I think this trade can possibly become the greatest trade in Coyotes history but it is still too early to tell. Jokinen is a player who is capable of taking the Coyotes to whole another level, but at the same time you never know what can happen.
He may get injured or for some strange reason he might not produce like he is expected. I think more than likely this trade will for sure be one of the top five trades in Coyote history if not the number one.

Phoenix claims Ilya Bryzgalov off waivers from Anaheim.
Technically to me this isn’t a trade so that is why I kept if off the list. When the Coyotes got Brzgalov off waivers he immediately made the team a whole lot better.

The Coyotes finally had a true number one goalie. Bryzgalov may even become the greatest goalie in franchise history.


MJ Kasprzak said...

You should tell us who was drafted with picks traded--that's an important part of the analysis. But to me, getting Carcillo alone for Laraque would make that arguably the best trade ever. Carcillo does everything Laraque does and more, even if y'all had to wait a year for it to happen.

Cameron Paul said...

i personally don't believe in mentioning who they drafted with the picks. It is not like if the team kept the pick they would have drafted the same guy.

MJ Kasprzak said...

No, but it's definitely a consideration. For instance, we got Vlassic for him with the pick we got, so while they got the better of the trade, we also made ourselves better (Kipper was our backup, and it's unlikely that without the playing time he got in Calgary he would have passed Nabby.) Say we had drafted someone who never played--the trade eval is much different.

Cameron Paul said...

Good point MJ. Now that you have actually gave me an example i guess it soes change the evaluation.