Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sharks Dominate Division Like I Dominate This Blog!

I have written the past 16 entries on this site, and completely dominate the first page. Why does no other writer on this site for the division have anything to say?

Perhaps it is because the Sharks are as dominant in the Pacific Division as I am on this site. San Jose currently holds an almost insurmountable edge on their next closest competitor in the division.

Even by NHL standards (the dumbest way of tracking division leaders ever conceived), the lead is 20 points. But if you factor in that the Phoenix Coyotes have played three more games than the Sharks, that translates into an 11 1/2 game lead by baseball standards.

To put it in perspective, the next biggest lead is six games and 13 points by Boston over Montreal. The difference between the first and last place teams in the Northwest is only seven games and 13 points. Only six teams outside of the Pacific are behind their division leader by more games than Phoenix.

Let's say the Sharks were ravaged by injury and played only .500 hockey for the rest of the season, a pace that only eight teams are currently below. Even then the Coyotes would have to earn 57 of a possible 68 points the rest of the way, an .838 point percentage.

That is 27 percentage points better than the Sharks current success rate of .811, which best in the league by 35 percentage points. Good luck: I project the Sharks will have the Pacific Division mathematically wrapped up on March 12, eight days after the trade deadline.

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