Friday, February 20, 2009

Memo to Big Dave London

"In regards to your challenge, I'll go 1,000 words with you that the Kings WIN the season series with the Sharks.

If the Kings and Sharks happen to meet in the playoffs...the playoff series winner trumps the regular season it?"

Those were your words in taking my Pacific Division Challenge, and disappearing from this site doesn't get you off the hook. Now that you cannot win the season series, when—er, if, your Kings don't make the playoffs, you owe me that post if you are a real man. If by some chance y'all DO make it in (in which case you are likely to play us, since it looks like we'll be the top seed or at least second, and you're unlikely to make it higher than eighth or maybe seventh), when—er, if, you lose, be ready with that 1000 words on our superiority.

As for the rest of you, none of you even had Dave's courage to take the challenge...
Hey' it's s'posed to be a trash-talking rivalry blog, so whaddya 'spect?

1 comment:

Ken said...

I expect the Sharks to dominate season, and flop playoffs. So far projection is correct. All that's left is for someone to knock off the big bad fish.