Thursday, March 5, 2009

The 2009 NHL Trade Deadline started off slow but really picked up at the end. The Phoenix Coyotes were one of the busiest teams on the day, making a total of four trades. The moves will be significant in both the present and the future of the franchise.

Here are the trades that the Coyotes made and what I think of them:


Phoenix gets a 2010 fourth-round draft pick; Buffalo gets Mikael Tellqvist

With starting goalie Ryan Miller out with an ankle injury, the Buffalo Sabres needed another netminder. The man they acquired was Phoenix Coyotes backup Mikael Tellqvist. Although Tellqvist is not a No. 1, he is a great fill-in who is capable of taking over the Sabres' goal until Miller is healthy enough.

The fourth-round pick that the Coyotes received isn’t much, but you can’t expect much for a backup goaltender. With Tellqvist gone, it is more than likely that Josh Tjordman will become the Coyotes' backup for the rest of the season.

Who got the better end? Buffalo.


Phoenix gets Matthew Lombardi, Brandon and Prust, and a 2009 or 2010 first-round draft pick; Calgary gets Olli Jokinen and a third-round draft pick.

This was probably the biggest trade of all on deadline day. There was a lot of speculation if and where Jokinen was going to go, and it turns out that the team to get him is the Calgary Flames.

The Flames now have a big center that will most likely play on a line with Jarome Iginla. Jokinen will reunite with his former Florida Panthers head coach Mike Keenan.

Jokinen will finally get a shot to play in the Playoffs with Calgary. He wasn’t having the best of seasons with Phoenix but should pick it up by playing with better and more experienced players.

The Phoenix Coyotes got a very quick player in Matthew Lombardi. He is still young at 26 years old and should play on one of the top two lines for the Coyotes. He has recently stepped up his game and was one of the Flames' best players heading into the deadline.

Brandon Prust is a gritty, hard-working player who will most likely be nothing more than a fourth-liner for the Coyotes. The first-round draft pick is either a 2009 or 2010 pick, depending on what the Flames decide. My guess is that the pick will be a 2009 pick, since that will be a late first-round pick.

Who got the better end? It was a tie.


Phoenix gets Scottie Upshall and a second-round draft pick; Philadelphia gets Daniel Carcillo

To be honest, this trade really surprised me. I didn’t think Carcillo would go, but I was wrong, as he was sent to the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Flyers welcome one of the league’s premier enforcers. He currently leads the NHL in penalty minutes, something he did last year as well, as a rookie. Although he is not having the best offensive season, he doesn’t have the worst hands. I still think he is capable of scoring 20 goals a season.

Scottie Upshall is a great third-line energy player who has the talent to put up a decent amount of points. I do not think he has lived up to his potential after being drafted sixth overall in 2002, but he still can be a useful player for the Coyotes. When you add the second-round draft pick, I think it really makes the Coyotes come out as winners in this trade.

Who got the better end? Phoenix.


Phoenix gets Dmitri Kalinin, Nigel Dawes, and Petr Prucha; N.Y. Rangers get Derek Morris

It took a while for Morris to finally get traded, but when he was, it was to the New York Rangers.

The Rangers get a very solid two-way defenseman in Morris; he should help their push to the Playoffs. His numbers aren’t what they used to be earlier in his career, but he is still capable of putting up 30-plus points.

The Coyotes got a great value in return for Morris.

Dmitri Kalinin is a decent defenseman who will take over Morris’ spot in the lineup. But he is a pending UFA, and even if he plays strong for the Coyotes for the rest of the season, I have a hard time believing the Coyotes will re-sign him.

Nigel Dawes is a great young player who will help the Coyotes now and in the future. He has the potential to consistently score 20 goals a season. He is a pending RFA, but expect the Coyotes to re-sign him.

Petr Prucha is the question mark in this deal. He’s got the talent and has shown he can score 30 goals a season, but his point totals have decreased as of late. I think if he gets more ice time, he can produce at least 20 goals a season.

Who got the better end? Phoenix.


Final Thoughts

I actually think the Coyotes did the best out of all the teams on the trade deadline. They got some great forwards who will make an impact this season and for seasons to come. You add the draft picks they received, and their bright future just got a lot brighter.

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